ginevra molly weasley,

size is no guarantee of power.
yeah! go take a look at ginny.
written as by: cass.


                                    Oh I think he inven’ed the definition    despera’e .
                                          I guess he was jus’ a bi’ terrified o’ tha’ attitude o’ yers
                                                                                                  t’ talk  ye direc’ly . 

                          ❛please, he’s not the eldest weasley. i’m sure there’re plenty before
                          him to fantasise over the concept. like percy … bill, even. —— he should
                          be used to it, anyways. when you grow up with six elder brothers,  you’ve
                          got’ta  learn  the  quickest  way  to  break  a  bone.  ——  … with  words.❜ 


when your friend stops replying


Red hair, and a hand me down robe? You must be a Weasley.


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Official Teaser Trailer 


                               I —WILL HAVE ORDER

                      Dolores Jane Umbridge.

           semi selective independent harry potter role-player.

  • 9 years role-play experience, briefly played Umbridge before.
  • Open to plotting!
  • Multi-verse friendly.
  • Cross over friendly.
  • Mun is 18+, dark themes may occur.
  • Face claims include Imelda Staunton and Katie McGrath.
  • Many verses.

( *hermione. )

’ It’s m o r e than just homework, 
   look at the way he’s smiling at —
   her. ’ He doesnt’ smile at me like
   that, she’s saying. ’ You’re right,
                       ———— no one is nowhere as near as smart
                       as me in all of Hogwarts. I corrected him the
                       other day, you know— do you think— is he an
                       gry? Oh, God, he’s angry at me! ‘


She’s not really listening to Ginny,
it’s like the red-headed girl is not
even there, until, she speaks the
enemy’s name. ’ Give it to me. ‘
She might not be able to hex the
girl into non-existence, but she —
can beat at her at everything else.
                     Hermione Granger excels at all she tries.
                     If she can try it until it’s p e r f e c t. & she
                     is, a sore loser. 


                         she’s mocking her; it’s all a little hysterical, in fact. the little feud between
                         one  hermione granger   ( studious,  tamed & astute  )   and one lavender
                         brown — so sweet, one choked upon her tang. cue a shorted facepalm,
                         swiftly picking up into an elbow upon desk, hand supporting ginny’s head,
                         weasley locks coiling in lengthened strands of pure disinterested humour.

                         a shake of reddened crown.                                   ❛you’re kidding, right?

                            ❛i mean, sure, your comments irk ron to no end, and harry. probably
                             harry, but i doubt he’d mention it when i’m around.  — 
                             but it doesn’t work like that. apparently wit and an actual brain are a
                               huge turn on nowadays. it’s probably why most of my brothers are
                             s i n g l e. he’s not mad at you; he’s just doing his job. if he doesn’t,
                                              … well, do you want him to stay, or not

                          muted pause. a glance upon parchment.                        ❛you done yet?