yeah, size is no guarantee of power. just look at ginny. you've never been on the receiving end of one of her bat bogey hexes, have you?

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              iron throne.    dark wings.   royal laws.

            women in our position make the best of our circumstances.
                independent queen margaery tyrell. primarily asoiaf book based, though some of hbo
                got is incorporated. selective and private due to maintaining of stress.  an active blog.
                pan fandom and multi ship ; will interact with other fandoms and incorporate them in
                verses.  three years of roleplaying experience, all of which is on tumblr.  writing styles
                include crack,  conversation,  semi paragraphs  and novella.  usually uses gif  icons or
                simple icons, though will often adapt to writing partners writing style. is a book reader,
                but will roleplay  with any show watchers,  given they understand their character.  feel
                free to ask for my skype  available for mutuals only ).  i love plotting and conversing!

             acting a king doesn’t make you one. and if renly wasn’t a king, then i wasn’t a queen.


               ’ no. no, i —— i mean, this one fits you
                       very well. it just… yeah, it does fit you very well.
                goes along with your eyes, and… everything. ‘


                          yeah? well, alright, then.
                   reckon i’ll get away with a pair of my
             shoes, as oppose to a pair of fourty two
             inch heelshonestly, this dress code is

Faked identity, faked happiness, faked smiles, in this world, what is there that isn’t fake.
—— 《一年之初》 (via yugiboi)

lxgos. ⋟


' — what are you doing?
 i don’t dance! ‘ 


                              ——— yeah you do.
                            … or, at least now you do.
              tell me, how is it you, ( the girl who hates
                                   dancing more than bogey flavoured beans, )
                     scores a date with viktor krum?    

lxgos. ⋟

pale cheeks turn a red almost as deep as the tie thrown over her lap. chocolate eyes move upwards to meet their blue counterparts. damn you, they say. ’ i am not— yes, ginny. i have time to help my friends with their homework. ‘ 



         {  a curved stillness as the presence of successful  smirk paints itself upon rosen lips of weasley
         begs.  &  parchment does she place within the lap of her latest victim; her only victim, in truth.
         for who better to inhale wisdom ( that of the brightest witch ), than that derived of
         hermione granger? alas, the truth devours a certain yearning for freedom from said notions, &
         thus, this girl is her saviour. mouth curved in mild amusement teased approach as she does
         muse upon golden coins she should obtain,  &  the wager won,  courtesy of lavender brown.  

                         ❝     ——— at’ta girl. you know, there’s
                            actually something in it for you, too. lavender reckons she can
             score higher than i can.     can she score higher 
                                    than you, though?

                                                                            … besides, i plan on buying myself a nifty 
                                             new broom with that pocket of coins. might even buy
                                                                you a thing or two. now     what do i need to know
                                                                                           about rat’s spleen?

  ❝             ———- you’re popular today, 'mione. d’ya reckon
                      you’ve got time for a bit of homework help,
                         or should i make an appointment?           

lionwithin. ⋟:


            ’ no, i——… i think you look brilliant in it, ginny. this dress. ‘

            ❝            ———- sure? 
                    maybe i should’a gone with the blue
                          one. & maybe i should’a 
                               asked hermione to tag along.         


The Surnames in Harry Potter Saga.

Dedicated to Jeihan.


                                        ❛ his job was to walk calmly into death’s welcoming arms.
                                       along the way, he was to dispose of voldemort’s remaining
                                         links to life, so that when at last he flung himself across
                                    voldemort’s path, and did not raise a wand to defend himself,
                                                               ᴛʜᴇ ᴇɴᴅ ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ʙᴇ ᴄʟᴇᴀɴ. ❜

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